CHALLENGE: Oldest Items

For my last post in April I am issuing my very first blogger challenge. Make the best photo you can with the oldest items in your inventory. That is oldest, skin, shape, hair, clothing and shoes. You can add your oldest accessories if you so choose. The photo needs to use one of your oldest poses and be taken in the oldest landmark remaining in your inventory that is still the same owner / theme.

I've spent much of this month getting my inventory down yet again. I just finished at 4 PM today. Yeah. Over 25% of my 30,000+ items are gone. This includes everything, not just clothes. I was harsh at times, but how much do we really need?

As I was going through the process I found some very old items. Not many really, as I sort and pitch every few months. My "outfits" folder had evidently been overlooked several times though. If you keep your favorite items in outfits, then this is a fairly easy project. If you REALLY want to do the whole challenge, consider cleaning out your inventory as well as finding the VERY oldest items; I'll look for your post in a week or a month *wink*.

It is easy to find your oldest landmark. Just sort your inventory by date. If your memory is foggy and you  are wondering which of the older is oldest, just right click, go to properties and look at date acquired.

I was VERY happy that my oldest landmark was Tusk. My second oldest was the Wanderton sandbox - LOL. I took the photo from the exact spot of the landmark. The date on the landmark is April 3, 2008.

Windlight is allowed -- well, yes of course it is.

Style notes:

Hair: Calla Anemone Color Change Hair Lilies (Jan 15 2008) Camping chair
Skin: (Se) brow1, wrath plum ( Jan 7, 2008) Elliot skin from her shop "at the side of the road" - literally
Clothing: House of Zen ZEN-LaRue ( Jan, 7 2008) Camping chair.
Shoes: (not visible but there) ~*ZHAO*~ "SADIE" LEFT Shoe (mar 22 2008) From a newbie pack I picked up at Le Zoo.

Pose is  by [LAP] - C-Barbie1a (Aug 17, 2008) a freebie pose by the door

It was fun remembering the excitement of getting new things. Have your own adventure and add your link in the comments to this post.

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    # by Chic Aeon - May 1, 2010 at 7:17 AM

    And here is Momo's post :D

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    # by moniq - May 5, 2010 at 10:59 PM

    definitely not the best pic, but it was fun, thanks for that :))