Adventures: Marketing in Montmartre

I haven't had a lot of time for playing of late; my dance card has been pretty full. But today I did a bit of exploring and found some great shops to visit. I'll be telling my story from end to beginning, so get your retro glasses on and be prepared. Lisp Bazaar is filled with all sorts of wonderful and quirky items. Various styles and periods are presented in the furniture and housewares section. Some simply refused to be defined *wink*.

Click any photo for a large version. You may need to further enlarge for the full size.

I saw this post on the feeds this morning and the market looked so inviting, I really wanted to get there. I've never been to France -- except for the Paris airport and you can hardly count that.

Still I had an idea what "I" at least thought a French gal might wear in a picturesque market in the country. So I put together a few new things, old things and almost forgotten things and came up with my Look of the Day.

One of my favorite indoor furniture pieces is this ladder bookcase, something I always wanted in RL. It is reasonably priced in both prims and lindens. I also loved the fruits and veggies in the top photo and may just find a spot for those in my garden cottage.  The new outside spider leg chairs are particularly classy, so check them out if you are in the market for some new seating arrangements. The furniture is all very nicely made, but Alas, the poses are not sized for me at all.

 As I was putting together my French countryside shopping outfit, I noted that my long time cigarette (I was going to France after all) disappeared in my hair from transparency issues. That wouldn't do.

I had taken note and thankfully bookmarked a site that had been posting on iheartsl of late, N326. I remembered some great looking cigarettes advertised at the shop, so I ventured over. There is a cigarette dispenser as well as coffee and book dispensers outside the shop, so you can try out the goods easily. Each "hava" vendor gives you a choice of products and sometimes poses.

The Good news is that these are great props. The not so good news is that they only function once. Taking them off (or in some cases TPing) kills the scripts and the items become either useless or unwearable. I thought this was just for demo purposes, but actually it seems built into all the products. You need to keep your cigarette pack or vendor close at hand if you are addicted.

My personal favorite ciggie (note I only smoke virtually) is the mini cigar from the outside vendor. If you have a bar or other venue where this one prim dispenser would fit in, you might want to consider it for you guests.

For those of us with no real reason to have a cigarette (cigar) machine in our shops, there are handy cigarette packs you can purchase. These give cigarettes to your friends if you choose. They also have a condom as a choice. One can never be too careful after all.

The VERY good news is that there is a version of the cigarette pack on a lucky board. See it in the background in the photo above?  While I was waiting for textures to rez (thank you SL for all the new server codes - sigh), an "X" came up and I TPed Xia over to get a pack. On trying hers, I found they come with very nice white cigarettes with a choice of smoke colors. They time out too however, so I kept checking the 20 minute board throughout the morning and finally came up with a "C". Yeah. So now I can always have a fresh cigarette at hand.

These are the very nicest cigarettes I have seen and the smoke trails beautifully. You can attach them to your hand if you choose and adjust, but you will need to do that EACH time you want to wear you cigarette :D.

Style notes:

Hair: *SHOP SEU* GIFT --kurukuru hair Long [brown:pattun]--
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Clothing: HYPER CULTURE - Tube Sweater Mini (DSN);
Shoes: A-BOMB Phoxxe Shoes copper (Alternative Fair special) (review copy)
Accessories: primOptic Sabre glasses 1.19 (many options for colors and wearing) (gift); Moonshine MS-Loaf ; CONCRETE FLOWERS- Simple Leggins WineHoodie-Straw waist wrap (tinted); N326 S. Black; [KUE!] Paperbag with baugettes -hold-

Poses by Amacci.