There is a philosophical question that will most likely never be answered fully. How "real" is our virtual world? Experiments have shown that our physical bodies react to virtual (and dream) activities in the same way that they react to events in our corporeal lives.

I knew that a Chandra's RL cat was ill. We haven't talked much the last week or so and she hasn't been in world often.  So, I was a little surprised to receive a package from her this morning. When I finally managed to get back into world, I unpacked the box to find a collection of Tibetan Buddhist alters, a blessings flame and two poses. With prims to spare, at least for another week, I rezzed the largest and most complex alter in my tiny shop in Winterfell.

Did making the virtual objects help her? I am sure it did. I only hope that her efforts act like concentric ripples in a pond, spreading outwards towards infinity.

Update: In an SL to email conversation, Chandra let me know that the alter "is rezzed still at deviousBeauty, and (*chanimations in the  theater next to the durgaDevi set if anybody wants to pick it up. It is also in  groupnotes. "