I love fusion -- food or design.

When my efforts to find a traditional Spanish local were thwarted, I sighed a little then moved on to Plan B. I had already modernized the traditional toreador costume from FallnAngel Creation's (fixed thanks to an IM from Dara who now knows where my studio is :D ) MM board, so what is a little more juxtaposition? [Later note: It turns out there are FOUR MM boards at FallnAngel; HERE is the one with this suit.

I headed over to NOTsoBad and took a tp from the the showroom up to the yummy prefabs. The spectacular posters had been calling me to come for a closer look for almost two weeks. Today I made it.

Since Spain and Morocco have a close historical relationship (Wikipedia link here), the cultures combine well. I haven't been to Spain but I have traveled in Morocco and Mexico and definitely enjoyed reliving those times with my visit to  the prefab platform. The houses are furnished and it is very much a tour of the desert.

The current houses are all in this same theme with gorgeous textures and open spaces. Most are sized for medium sized properties and prim counts but there is a palace too, if you really need to have that sultan experience.

I kept my photos to simple daylight settings so you could see the colors accurately. I am guessing this would make a wonderful night time photo shoot. Will I be back? You bet.

Style notes:

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a; Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure" - Black
Clothing: FallnAngel Creation's FallnAmadorSuitPantsLongOrange
Shoes: Orange Creations #OC# Melanie- Satin Red
Accessories: *FS*  jewelry design**  JEWELRY pearl SNAKE NECKLACE

My poses are part of  the JUST RELEASED  Scarlett pack from Diesel Works (review copy). Journey over and try them out. Scarlett as you might imagine from the name is a bit of a diva *wink* and we all can use a bit of attitude now and then.