Return to Perdition

I took a quick trip over to Perdition this afternoon. It turned out to be quicker than I had planned :D. Only active role players with character sheets and tags are allowed beyond a certain point. This is me AT that point *wink*. Not a rule breaker unless there is something very important to prove, I tend to respect the law.

One of the laws of the city of Perdition is NO scripts. Resize scripts are completely banned. This is the first place besides a motorcycle racetrack where I have seen the no script laws in effect. I actually visited Perdition yesterday -- or perhaps the day before, time is running together for me these days. I got to the no scripts point and decided I needed to get an outfit together that complied and still made a statement.

It's not easy these days putting together an unscripted outfit. Hair wasn't too big a problem as much of my hair is non-scripted. SHOES were a huge problem. I had a few pair of very old premium shoes that were still stylish but most of my footwear was either resize or color change. What to do. Luckily I remembered that my BAX boots had a kill scripts feature. I wondered about that when I was gifted with one of the first pair out (thanks again Bax Coen). Back then it wasn't such a big deal. Now it is getting to be a problem. The outfit I was wearing when I started putting my RP garb together had resizers in shoes, belt and jewelry.

In the end I came up with this. If I ever get my character sheet together I will be both rich and smart -- sort of Black Widow-y. I have a start. Jewelry was problematic as I wanted something fancy and most of my jew-els have scripts. Luckily I found these statement making earrings from Alienbear.

My poses are from  MADesigns (main store) and part of their first venture into the lady's pose market. More will be coming along soon. The set is called Runway  is available at the Pose Fair 2010 and has various fashion stances. Many are closely related to one another, so try out the different poses to see which ones fit you the best.

Some have more attitude than others, so if you are a "I don't care what you guys think" sort of gal, there is something for you too.

Descripting, there is something to say for that rule. See all these dots? And the sim was running smoothly and rezzing well. Unlike, I hear, the Pose Fair where many people continued to ignore the "dress lightly" requests and arrived in full prim (and no doubt scripted) regalia. So, maybe this is all a good thing. Either way,  I have an outfit folder now with a hot looking no script outfit that is sure to come in handy sometime.

Style notes:

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Dark Copper (new release - gift)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a;  Legend Tattoo2 (new release - review copies)
Oufit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Bulky Sweater ; *+*JILL*+*stocking-FN-Black; INSOLENCE Dolores Bloggers Special Garters and Panties
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Accessories: Alienbear Sirvart Dark Earrings black; [ANIMAH] cigarette holder animated (NLA)