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BA at COLLABOR88 August

OK. Something VERY BAD happened with Blogger this morning. It lost one of my published posts. So I am reposting here and not sure what will happen on the feeds.  I at least had PART of my post returned to me. It has been worse.

It was so smart of the COLLAB88 folks to start anew on the 8th each month. Aside from the obvious connection numerically, it gives us something to look forward to after the frenzy of first of the month events has died down. And this month is a biggie. More on that in my next post which of course in the way of blogs will appear ABOVE this one -- gotta love it!

This month's offering from Barnesworth Anubis is a an adventure in monochrome, taupe style. Pretty, posh with elegant understatement it comes with furniture or bare.

Here is my second time is the charm I hope close up shot. Forgot my impressive prose. Time for a break. Love this new skin from AKERUKA (Meg 2).

Poses by: furniture


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