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Brownies By Night

I love to give you previews of upcoming attractions and this new Brownie Lantern (RARE) from Hanaya gave me a chance to spend a few minutes of faux downtime in the forest. My outfit is antique by SL terms (4 years) and the maker has left for other realities, but it is still very impressive set.

As you may have already guessed, this fantasy forest fare is one of a collection of styles in an upcoming gatcha machine. Perfect for that magical twilight hour when all things magical revel.

The simple lanterns are also very pretty. The white dot in the photo is a firefly or perhaps something a bit more magical that flutters happily around the top of the jar.

There is a hold built into the branch which works with your AO. Just "wear" (or better these days "add" to keep your mesh duds in place) and go happily along your way -- with  a little help from your insect friends.

So drop by Hanaya - Yummy Collectibles and Art Gallery sometime later in the week and try your luck.


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