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Menstuff - Homestuff Wrapup

I finished up both of the "stuff" hunts today -- in my fashion. I was still having issues with Menstuff, but I read a glowing review from another blog where they found all of the first 50 items and had NO troubles. So perhaps I am simply a bad hunter and hopefully you will have better success. I didn't find all the tee shirts in either hunt but I hit most of my favorite places and found many lovely things.

In this photo we have a mix of goodies. The hall bench with spectacular animation (manly but will work for gals too) is from Palais, the first stop on the Homestuff Hunt. It is primmy but lovely. The nicely textured mesh sport jacket if from Razorblade Jacket.

A Crocodile Dundee style hat, necklace and armband (not shown) can be found at Hudson's Clothing Company. There are blue eyes at the Amacci store that work well with this haunted bad boy skin from Akeruka.

You can find this complete Tyler outfit at sf design. It comes with lots of ways to wear including just the shirt and a loose tie. There are even matching cuff links attached to the cuffs. I have always had a thing for guys in black shirts, so I am really liking this!

The outdoor lounger with poses for both gals and guys is from domus. It comes packed in a rez box for easy installation.

Poses by: furniture


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