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School Daze

It is difficult to believe that it is almost time for school to start. Where DID that summer go? But Fall is in the air -- in my corner of the world at least. Time to get in some sunny outdoor activities before it is sweater season.

If you are a think ahead gal -- and I just know you are -- PARADISIS has a great new set for you; Love Academy. This is my favorite new release in awhile and is value-packed, especially this next week when it is on special.

What do you get? Well, what don't you get is a better question. There is a cute pink undies set which brave gals (that's me this afternoon) can show off along with a school uniform cardigan (mesh in standard sizes).. There are some classic charcoal pinstripe pants and an unbuttoned Henley tank which can also be a dress if you love super short.

Along with all of that comes a school tote filled with all things a girl might need including water bottle and hair clip. The tote comes in both scripted and unscripted versions with the scripted model boasting four choices of holds (some animated). These work WITH your AO (at least they worked great with mine *wink*). Click the tote to get a menu and change the pose.

The sweater works amazingly well and isn't just for photo opts like so many of the often shown mesh sweaters are. Try the demo of course and see how it works for you. This pink trimmed set goes very well with the GOS pink booties that a few thousand of you picked up on a hunt not long ago!

Hair - The Hamptons (Vintage Fair) by Vanity Hair
Necklace - a hunt prize from Sway's Summer Flower Hunt;  I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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