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Menstuff Hunt 1

The Menstuff hunt started yesterday. As in the past there is a mix of spectacular, ho-hum and 'what?" prizes. Well hey, I tell it like it is. I will be showing you the spectacular. Well of course I will!

At the top of the "you don't want to miss this" list for this section of the hunt is the all in one Sports Jacket and Pants from StarChild Designs. It is simply superb! Two sizes are included so it may not fit you, but if it does? Wow!

If you are in need of a new skin, this Neo skin in a medium tone is a winner. Find it at AKERUKA.

And just for fun add some Bad Boyfriend sunglasses from ShadZ . There is a big pack of sunglasses in the prize; this is just my favorite.

I mean really, didn't we all have one of those?

These poses are from Vista Animations. Two very nice male stand animations are in the prize pack along with what seems to be animations for gals? Or maybe if you are just more into the feminine side of maledom *wink*.

Last up in this styling are some very nice rigged mesh dress boots from Adjunct.

These are actually fairly small size wise and will work best for more petite males. Still very nicely done.

The hunting was a mix of right out in the open, cleverly hidden and "hmm" spots. The good news is that you can move on as needed.


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