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Mirror Mirror

The Old Memories Mirror is out for Fifty Linden Friday at Cheeky Pea. You SO need this!  Marvelous mesh it weighs in at 3 land impact. How can that be? I was pondering on which of three colors to select when I discovered that all three were in the pack. Doing a happy little dance, I joyously paid the vendor and took home my booty.

Now a photo shoot earlier in the week in my new and terrifically impressive city skybox office showed me that the lighting was problematic. No shadows and some odd recessed fixtures led to somewhat flat photography. We can't have that. So -- what to do? Well, I luckily have a very photogenic ROOF. That works. Nighttime shadows just happened.

While I didn't bother to change the photos, I did check to see if it could be done. And yep, looks easy!  What fun. 

My very pretty undies set is part of an outfit which includes a lacy see-through dress from SLC. Lovely and feminine it was perfect for gazing at my midnight reflection.

Pose by: Vista Animations


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