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Revisiting Roche

A couple of years ago, Roche was the flavor of the month for locale shots among the bloggers.  Pastoral, with lovely attention to detail, it was an example of what our world could be at the time.

Somehow I lost my landmark to Roche and misplaced its name in my memory. But happily I viewed some posts on the feed which jogged my memory and brought me back to revisit. It is still as lovely as always.

So I am guessing that you want to know about this hair :D.  I don't often devote a post solely to hair, but this new release from Vanity Hair is deserving. Minuet comes in three parts. There is the hair base of course, then the crown part of the hair with bangs and top braid. The last piece, the long pony with top braid, needs to be "added" so hopefully that is a choice in your viewer. By now it certainly should be.

This is definitely a favorite for me and I will be leaving out more than one color when I repack as I know I'll want to wear it often. This is the Bordeaux shade.

I am wearing my new hunt mesh eyes from Mayfly (see previous post) and Ginkgo earrings from KOSH.

Poses by: aDORKable


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