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Lookin' For Adventure

If you have been reading this blog for a long while, you probably remember when I did a lot of destination posts, places to go and things to see. I've been feeling a bit wanderlusty of late and so headed out this morning to what looked to be a good photo op spot, Titanium City.

Now Titanium city is listed in the destination guide under popular places. It is that as there are tons of little green dots permeating the map; actually I count 60. I expected a role play sim and that it is. It is also a place of photo opportunity. I didn't stick around long however. There was no notecard to greet me on arrival. I had no idea what the rules might be. I donned my generic visitor tag, left over from my exploring days and took these quick shots. Still, you may be braver than I; if so zip on over for a visit.

My outfit of the morn is a mix of some new releases and some freebies. First up the urban girl Audrey pants and belt from Paradisis. This is part of a huge mix and match set which includes three colors of jeans and five mesh tops. Now the tops didn't fit me and are British themed so not really my thing anyway. But even so, this new collection set on special for a week is SO on special that you could easily toss the tops and still have a very good deal.

I love, love, love the belt and since all my belts disappeared a year or so ago (thank you database devil) this will be especially loved. You get one with resizer and one unscripted. There is of course a demo of the off the shoulder mesh top so you can test for the fit before you purchase.

Now if you are returning today to read new posts, you remember me saying that Bare Rose had a three minute raffle ball. I left myself there this morning while the typist took her relaxing morning tub :D. When I returned I had a ton of goodies. Now some were definitely not me, but some were and you will see them in the future no doubt. My favorite prize was this set of broken sandals which attach to your hand as a prop. Definitely fun. Raffle items are no copy and transfer so you can pass long extras to your friends or keep one for a backup.

The top that I am wearing is a marketplace freebie from WGD - Acidic Infektion on the marketplace. It has a logo on the top back but long hair (or pony tail) will cover that. Standard mesh sizing fits true.

Other newness previously featured this week  -- so scroll back as needed -- are Minuet hair from Vanity Hair and bare feet from Tarashoes.

Poses by: LAP (nla)


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