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Lots and I do mean LOTS of hunts are just around the corner. Some will be stupendous and a few will most likely leave you wanting; tis the way. One of the newest hunts is the Fairest of them All Hunt. This is a $5 per item hunt.

Now I don't often go for hunts that cost, mostly because I am hunting for you guys much more than I am hunting for myself. A few things stay in my inventory but they have to be pretty special. Looking through the prize photos on the hunt blog I can see many lovely things. Most, however, were not "me" -- that me that doesn't like to fritter away her hard earned lindens.

There was one item though that I definitely needed -- OK, lusted after would be more appropriate -- and that was the Tea Time necklace from LouLou&Co. Easy to find, it is simply lovely!   My outfit is an oldie; my hair from Calico Ingmann Creations.

For those of you that don't spend your off hours reading the hunt feeds, here is a list of SOME of the hunts starting soon, the ones that seem to me to be the most likely winners.

Carnival Days Hunt ($5)
Summer Harvest Hunt


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