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Tents and Tables

What will the future hold?  Some folks want to know.

A huge collection of tents and tables await you in the Gypsy, Tramps and Thieves Hunt. They come in different styles and fabrics, some perfect for spending the night -- others for tellings of the future.
The fortune telling table and chairs set from Mystique has outstanding animations. Touch the cards to reveal the faces, touch the deck to reshuffle and redistribute the cards. So if you actually read Tarot, this is a fantastic prop.

You could even use this as a tool to LEARN to read, or a starting place anyway. I may just get my book out again *wink*.

The tent shown here is the one from Roawenwood and features the ability to change drapery and tent top colors via a menu.

There is a good variety of gypsy outfits in the hunt, mostly for gals but some for guys too. I didn't find anything that fit my personal feelings about gypsiness *wink* and opted for an older outfit. Sami, however, put together a look from a mixture of several different vendors and is very happy with her styling.

She is wearing:

ll espa - jacket and skirt ll from kinky kajira
*Slave* Mesh Earrings and bracelet from Slave Dressing Room
Trident Moroccan Slippers from another hunt (sorry you can't see them but they are VERY nice. I'll try and work those into a post in the near future). Tip: check all the hunts going on at the two Trident stores. Lots of goodies there including two styles of tents for the GTT hunt.

Poses by: aDORKable, LAP (nla) and the table


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