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If I Were Rich Hunt

The If I Were Rich Hunt has now officially started. All merchants have working prizes out and you can pick up a box of store names with landmarks at my shop here. The designers have done a fantastic job with their gifts. Shown here is one of my personal favorites, the diamond version (and of course there are SEVERAL versions because she just can't help it) of the prize from deviousMind.
I took a little fun time this morning to take some photos with the sunlight and an old mirror from a Vain hunt long ago. Also Chandra's but before I actually knew her.  So, a small trip down memory lane.

Check the blog for hints when needed as I had a time finding a few of prizes. Go forth and have fun. I won't be posting much more on this hunt as the blog shows you almost all the goodies.

Pitsch Parx of UrbanizeD get's the award for the most obvious hunt object. You really can't miss it! 

Hair is Alli&Ali Designs Cele
Poses by Diesel Works who has a couple's pose as a prize in this hunt.


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