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There is a LOT of news in my world, but before I get to that here's the scoop on the photo.

A new sleek twisted chinong (had to look up the spelling on that *wink*) is out from Vanity Hair; Hlin is the vendor to look for. It is definitely different and super stylish. That "posh" adjective comes to mind yet again.

My beach dress is a freebie from {Bii} on the Marketplace.  Very cute, it is sized for extremely thin hipped gals with big shoulders so it won't fit everyone. The colors are bright and fun!

Now here's the news and it has nothing to do with fashion. There are some of you out there though that have been reading this blog for years and may just want to know what I am up to.

I heard last eve that I am the recipient of an Artist in Residence Land Grant from Linden Endowment for the Arts. This is a full sim for six months. You know what that means; I'll be busy. I won't be giving up the blog. Really; I couldn't do that! It does mean that there will be much less time for hunting and sleuthing. So my posts will mostly be new releases for the designers who I admire and who send me "stuff" *wink*.

So, while I had planned to do several hunts this month, I will most likely just check out my favorite shops and those who post photos of things that appeal to me. I am also a vendor in two hunts this month and have other irons in the fire. So time will definitely be at a premium.

My project for LEA (and you heard it FIRST here on The Blog) is for film. The Machinima Open Studio Project will be a collection of sets, stages and installations for machinima. Open to the public with REZZING abilities, it will also be photographer and blogger friendly.  I have already started a blog for MOSP, and will be posting new builds as I install them. So stay tuned fellow bloggers, this might be something of interest to you.

Wanted you to know :D. 

Pose by: Diesel Works


Sinjin said…
Congratulations, & I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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