Dark Elegance

A new skin premieres today at AKERUKA. Nora and Godric (for the guys) are beautifully elegant in that vampire sort of way. A large selection of makeups let you choose the the gal you want to be. Violets are in evidence within the color palette and there are pale lips as well as dark crimson.  Bloody lip tattoos come with the skin should you want to delve into some role play.

This is a pale taupe skin, one of my favorite specialty colors. Broken veins cover one cheek. This skin release is coupled with a group gift version for the holidays.  Activate your tag and buy for a linden. The new skins weren't quite out yet when I visited the store in the early morning hours, but check back later in the day.  Out now. Find the BIG group gift versions directly across from the entrance.  New release skins are in the same alcove.

Both the Taylor hair and the Corrosion outfit release SATURDAY at EMO-tions

Jewelry from Eclectica.
Boots from lassitude & ennui.

My locale is the breathtakingly dark and moody sim, Faberge where The Point of Derivation lies. It was one of the stops on my hunt trail yesterday, my favorite of the bunch. There are two sim hunts in progress; one is a petite hunt searching for mushrooms, the other for us bigger folk. Find information on the hunts near the landing point. I found most all of the mushrooms (before I found they were for petites *wink*) and about half of the other prizes. There are no hints, so wandering is your mode of discovery.

The sim includes the abandoned theater from The Looking Glass as well as other buildings, ruins and swamps. Photo ops abound.

Poses by: aDORKable from the Elegance set