Gray Skies

I am having a difficult time  moving away from the new Nora skin from AKERUKA. Here is another version that goes perfectly with the soft grays of the morning. It is fragile while other makeups are dangerous.

My hair is a new release from Vanity Hair, Verity. Long rigged mesh with a tiny clip, it flows well with the body.

I've been out on the hunt trails again. Actually there have been many excursions but you will only read about a few of them. I DO have a great one for you that I found last evening. It's a pumpkin hunt (better than bones or spiders or bloody body parts for sure) at Rebel Hope Designs.

Eight pumpkins to find with six inside the shop and the other two not too far from entrances makes for an easy and fun escapade. The pumpkins are -- well pumpkin sized. They are not hidden and they are even full bright. That equates with EASY. They are also filled with some exceptionally nice gifts like this salsa dress. 

There are four outfits in all plus some lingerie. There are also many, many lovely masks. These are not sculpts but simple curved prims. The textures are luscious and I am happy to add them to my mask collection which had very few bits of color. The earrings above are also in one of the pumpkins.

Go forth and gather up those squash!

Poses by: aDORKable