Pumpkins Pumpkins

No doubt about it; pumpkin season is upon us. In the real world that means pumpkin bread, cookies and ICE CREAM!  In our virtual ones it signals a time of prevalent orange. Hanaya has new mesh pumpkins out. Some gently float and turn on Linden water as shown here. Others are for prim water (your swimming pool for instance) or land (no rotation). Touch on-off fog adds an extremely spooky effect. I will be leaving my fog off so that I can enjoy the smiling pumpkin faces. One Land impact point each.

And with our midday pumpkin theme we have a very cute anytime orange mini from Ruxy's design on the Ocean Key Pumpkin Merchants Hunt. Nicely made it runs a tad large for those of you that are cusp sizes. My hair is The Hamptons from Vanity Hair (love that color changing band!)

Poses by: LAP (nla)