Haunted Hunting

A new mini-hunt is underway at AngelRED Couture's haunted houses. Two haunted houses sit across from one another. There are ten tiny pumpkins in each house. A few pumpkins are easy to fine -- especially in the house with simpler decorations. The other abode makes for difficult searching. I did find most of the prizes.  You can pick up this very nice mesh open hoodie at the entrance. So even if you aren't a hunter, there is something here for you.

The venue is fun in that Halloween style; blood, cobwebs, exorcisms and the like. There are at least two skins on this hunt. I am showing you my favorite with a caveat. I love the tone of the skin and the pale eyebrows; the face is very lovely. I cannot say the same for the hands; sorry. Gloves will be needed and I am wearing mine *wink*. There is also a store logo tattoo on the back of the neck; not Dark Angel Style, so you will want to wear longer hair. Still, it photographs very nicely.

I haven't opened all the packages. There are lots of socks and some themed face tattoos. The mesh purse is very nicely done and there are several tops and a tiny (tiny) skirt. This hunt is mostly for the gals. It IS fun however and I like that the spaces you need to explore are cozy.

When I put my outfit together this morning, I added the new Suede boots from lassitude & ennui. There is an embroidered version also and plenty of colors to choose from.

These are primarily role play style boots, perfect for medieval costumes and fantasy wear. I thought they worked in well with the spooky theme of the event.

Find them at CINEMA in the Fantasy Section, first door on the right if I remember correctly.

A version for guys is also available.

Poses by: Vista Animations, aDORKable