Ghost Hunters

There is a really fun hunt going on over at Envious. It apparently started at the beginning of the month but it is still going strong with lots of hunters in evidence. Find 60 cute little ghosts, each with a gift inside. I spent a little while there this morning and came easily away with about a third of the bounty. Those are likely the easiest to find and I didn't check too many of the stores. Most gifts are for the gals but I see a lot of male hunters out there so presumably they know something I do not *wink*.

There are tee shirts (nice ones), tattoos, skins, mouthies, head animals and some complete outfits like this one. It includes all you see but the hair (EMO-tions) and the thong. The outfit comes with one of those band aid mini skirts and they so don't work for me :D. The skin is one of two I found in the hunt.  The Protest outfit is pumpkin #1. 

Since the pumpkins aren't named the same it is difficult to not pick up the same one. So if you are a systematic kind of person, I suggest putting the pumpkin number at the beginning each time you find one. That way you can sort and see what you are missing. This is a GROUP hunt so you will need to join the group to participate.

It is lots of fun primarily because the sim is really, REALLY decorated nicely for Halloween. Photo ops abound.

Poses by: WetCat