Searching for Clues

I spent some time over at Arkhamville Village last evening, doing a bit a reconnaissance to see how the sim adventure game was played. It is fun if a bit hard. I suspect it may get easier once you know the locale. There is a mystery involved and the finding of objects -- but "certain" objects and in a certain order. The objects also jump around a bit so one time they may be one place and then when found by someone they sometimes (not always) disappear to show up somewhere else. The scripting is impressive :D.

There isn't any bounty on completion that I know of, but there is a leader board so there may just be a prize of some kind. There is a hud you need to wear in order to play. Pick it up at the entrance from the very young police boy, "Trooper Eddie". Eddie will tell you your first step.

I am sneaking in another release from the fair I said I wouldn't mention any longer *wink*. This last minute arrival is just too cute not to show you. The K-CODE CORINNE top is a mixture of mesh and sculpts. It is available in several colors.  Find it here when the event opens.

Pose by: LAP