This is Sunday so it must be "new pumpkin goodies" day at PARADISIS. Now I wasn't planning on reminding you, but I got a new bag of hunt items in the mail this morning and I found that I was confused last week.

I thought what I showed you was the complete outfit. Now the word outfit can mean many things, but in this case I was way off. This week's prizes include some two colored stockings with bows, hand warmers and a very pretty undies set in orange. The good news is that the prizes from last week are still out there (a change in plans which happily works with my error). So -- candy bowl and mouthies and SWEATER from last week plus new items.

While you are out picking up gifts, here are two more for your list. By now, if you read the feeds, you most likely know that Amacci has new Halloween gifts out on the freebie board in the hair shop.  I have seen several posts featuring the girl hair.

HOWEVER ---- I actually like the guy hair better (I'll share with Chav; I promise.). There are different versions of the same style and the hairbase is of course included. The streaks are tintable so you can change the color after the holiday.  A friend told me that there was a new Goth skin release group gift just recently; just so you know *wink*.

Also, when I was exploring CINEMA yesterday, I found this very nice blood tears face tattoo / makeup as a gift from MISERIA.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visits yesterday ( I was disconnected from the server THREE times but got back in) and visited each of the shops. Some of the designers have had great fun decorating to theme. The build is superb and things worked amazingly well (some walking through walls and disconnects seemed to be in force) with 50 folks in the sim and it is so well planned you never feel crowded. I suggest turning your graphics down a notch if you can as that helped me a lot. No need for shadows or DOF or any fancy stuff as the build is all enclosed.

Poses by: aDORKable from the new Elegant set