Winter Retreat

There is no doubt about it, winter is on my mind. I am feeling "nesty". This upcoming release from Trompe Loeil for FaMESHed (November 1) nudged me into starting on my winter spot. The Barrel Beds come in both dark and white woods with many texture variations and weigh in at 12 impact points.

Homey with a touch of rustic, the Brown & White Peony version is perfect for this house from L2 (a past hunt prize that some of you may have). I spent my winter here last year at LEA and I am planning on it again. This year however, the skies are clear so I can enjoy the floating misty gray and the bright New Mexico winter sun -- in my mind anyway.

With forty one adjustable animations in the PG version and fifty-nine in the adult style, it makes a great photo prop too.

Look for it in a few days!

My outfit specs are in this post.

Poses by: the bed