Unplanned Vacation

I was taking some gorgeous (and sexy) photos of PILOT's new drafting desk when the lights flashed, a pop resounded throughout the room and my computer died. Testing underway. Research too.

So I am on my seven year old laptop with tons of cords plugging in monitor, speakers, keyboard and such. It is PAINFULLY slow. I can get into world on Singularity (thank you Singularity for being so low in resource needs), but it will be awhile until you see any pretty pictures from me.

So the news I didn't get to show you is the Fifty Linden Friday table from PILOT. Extremely nice and it goes well with the other PILOT releases. It includes a plug that goes into the wall. I so love that. 

UPDATE: Phone just rang. Just the power supply. YEAH! Should be back by tonight or tomorrow.