Hot Hos

One of the hottest gifts in world is the four pack of Halloween costumes from hO wEAr at the Halloween store.  Three black and orange costumes and one violet mesh ensemble (think catwomen in formal) comprise the bounty. My personal favorite is this Dark Sacrifice set which comes complete with everything but boots. The fantasy skin is especially lovely. I really like the bone wings and I remembered other outfits that had these same details. It has been a long while since I ventured over to hO wEAr and I was pleased to see that it is continuing well.

The bone wings as well as the webs are of course an optional addition. The wings come with skulls which didn't work for me. Partly it is the skull thing and partly because I have seen those same skulls for so very many years they border on depressing. But, happily you can modify the wings to shrink the skulls and pull them into your body and ... No more skulls. 

These are lovely gifts so if you are in need of a costume be sure and venture over. There are of course hundreds of other options in the shop :D.

Poses by: Nigotine (nla) and Photographique (nla)