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SL10B is Open!

The 14th was press day for SL10B with a tour including many of the larger builds plus a bit of info in the "good to know" vein. First up, here is a bit more news on The Long Walk Hunt with David Abbot.

Scroll back through the last posts if you missed them.

The Long Walk is a special guided tour of the Second Life 10th Birthday Community Celebrations - with extraordinary gifts to find along the way.

Over the Birthday Week, David Abbot will be making a complete circuit of all the sims, posting an account of that day's Walk on the blog, describing some of the things he sees as fun, whimsical, beautiful and sometimes very moving. You can follow in his footsteps, and along the way you will discover one or two amazing gifts - not in every location he mentions, but in very special places where X will mark the spot!

The walk will continue throughout the week from June 16 - 23rd and, after David's gone off to soak his feet, you will still be able to follow the Long Walk and find the special gifts while the sims remain open until June 29th.

Keep reading the SL10B Community Celebration blog at to find out more about The Long Walk!
This tenth birthday celebration territory consists of 22 sims with 2 being donated by Linden Labs (the Cornfield previously mentioned and Bear Island). Now as a good reporter I feel I need to say that on my arrival at Mesmerize (one of the 20) the land was in the name of a Linden. And I thought, "Cool! The Lab decided to support the birthday this year". The land is currently listed as group owned. The official word is that an anonymous person donated many of the sims. There is nothing to say that anonymous person couldn't be a Linden. If so, many of us thank you (and yes, I forgot WHICH Linden but that is probably a good thing). Individuals count in many processes and this is one. And true,  it may have been a change of hands thing -- I know not.

I really didn't know about Linden Bear Island so it was fun to get a bit of the history. Here's the scoop.

According to Saffia Widdershins, one of the press guides -- In the old days it was traditional for each new Linden to make a bear that expressed his or her personality and residents who met a Linden could ask for their bear. Some people tried hard to collect as many as possible.  

That was so new to me and fun to learn. At bear island you can pick up many historical bears to add to your collection.  I am not sure where to get this year's bear; it was in my press pack. A cutie.

There are many impressive large builds at SL10B and the press junket took the tour of them all. Being a minimalist, my favorite was the nuclear reactor which spans two sims. Now I should warn you that all of the stages (dance and presentation) monitor scripts. Mine was pretty low at 21 according to my counter - 25 according to theirs -- and I still got a blue screen warning. So drop all the scripts you can if you are planning on partaking in the entertainment.

I watched the reactor being built but hadn't seen it finished. It is impressive with the stage down inside the largest cone. It is rumored that there are dangerous and foreboding tunnels under the installation; explore at your own risk *wink*.  The builder was KT Syakumi.

This is my wrap up of the event. Much to see, it is open for two weeks to let you have plenty of time to explore.


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