After a decade Blogger introduced a new set of templates aimed at readability on all devices. After 5,555 plus posts (I just liked the way those fives came together; there really are many more) I am switching over. Hopefully this will make reading more enjoyable.

It's Movie Time!

This week's meme challenge *wink* is to make a movie poster.

Now I have to admit that I had a good portion of this work done as an entry into the Hair Fair poster contest. But that works too.

My movie choice is "Almost Famous" which I watched at least twice. I am thinking that a hold at the library might be a good move since it is definitely on my radar.

That is me in the photo but in a shape I made to approximate the actual star's look.

Hair by EMO-tions.


Oh I haven't seen this movie, now I need to look it up! Great poster, I need to figure out what I'm doing for the Hair Fair contest too.
Peep Sideshow said…
I wondered about the shape when you first posted the picture. Those are definitely NOT your lips!

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