In The Factory

It is an excellent round for The Challenge designers. With lots and lots of great items in that theme, DO go over to the official page and check out all the items out for this month. Next month is GARDEN so I will no doubt love that too.

Meanwhile, two of my favorite items are this chair --- and the factory!  The chair has animations for gals (3 I think) and guys (lots) and couples (some sexy ones but still in M range - she says happily). The poses for guys work very well for me and there is a really fun one with slumping down in the chair from drunkenness. The design is great and the textures are lovely. I particularly like the wide variation of muted tones. Find this at %Percent Furniture & Lighting.

Let's talk about the little warehouse from 22769~Bauwerk.  It will "almost" fit on a 512 lot and since it IS a skybox, it is quite practical to cheat just a tad (what's a half a meter on each side?) I doubt that your neighbors would care. At 44 LI it is in the mid-range as weight goes. It is, however, packed full of details and goodness. The light banks dim to whatever you want -- individually or all at once.

The windows offer dramatic shadows if you change the transparency on the exterior to 100 percent or so. If you don't run with shadows there are subtle ones built into the floors and walls. If you DO use shadows it is easy to match your Windlight setting to the shadows already there and magic -- instant drama. This would make a great small shop or a manly abode!

As to the mannequin from Studio Sidhe -- that might look like a dummy, but it is indeed me.  The set comes with a skin, an alpha layer and of course the stand (three poses). The pose stand is tintable and I made it darker to go with the environment. Much fun and many points for cleverness.

Here we have wall art from Breno and a lovingly textured worktable from Senzafine.  The art is mod and I darkened the light fixtures and added some SL lighting as that corner was in dense shadow. It goes beautifully with the skybox.

I took and extra close up photo of the worktable so that you could see the detailing.

Click that picture for an up close and personal view.

Last up is a Rusted Pipe Shelf Unit from Piddler’s Perch. For me, there is a Steampunk look here. It is nicely made if a bit primmy (47 as shown).

There are three parts to the build so you could use what you needed depending on your prim budget.

The light works nicely. (I guess a florescent light sort of takes it out of the Steampunk genre *wink*).