Posh Dining

If you think back a month -- yes it DOES seem much longer ago, I agree -- the San Marino House from La Galleria was one of the hot spots at the Home and Garden Expo. Well there is new furniture out with it in mind. Some sets are casual and while that is often my personal preference, I chose the Dinner Party Dining Set for 4: Travertine & Linen Mesh (wow, that's a long name *wink*) for its elegance. This is one fancy abode and I wanted to match that.

The table comes with dining options for two or four folks. Choose from many meals of very realistic looking foods. There is even cheesecake as a dessert option. I only eat it once a year in our corporeal world, but here it is calorie free!  Can't beat that. Touch the food to get forks, cups and the like. There are choices of placemat fabrics and tinting can get you many, many colors.

My outfit is from Ducknipple and comes with  value-packed huds (2) for either striped or plain sweaters. Look for the Cowl Dress. My Summer Heels are also from Ducknipple. Rigged mesh they move beautifully with your feet. My shoe inventory needs a slash and burn purge really soon. Some older items definitely need to go. Happily there are some great replacements. The Summer Heels come with a color change hud and of course polish and skin picker.

Hair: Vanity Hair: Valentina-Nova
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Diesel Works