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That Long Walk Thing

I was going to add info to my previous post and then figured many of you would miss it. So here is my comment, rewritten this morning but still in a state of confusion.

From the first blog post on The Long Walk which was deeply publicized, I am disappointed. No mention of how to tag along on the walk, when the next one will be; no links to the places mentioned. Really not much at all.  Sorry, dear readers if I lead you down a yellow brick road going nowhere.

Rereading the journey logs again it seems like the plan changed. I don't see any hunting here and it would have really been nice to have a few landmark SLURLs along the way. SL10B is a very vast place -- one that I have been exploring from the beginning -- and it is still very easy to get lost.

You can follow along with all the journaling here. Perhaps there will be some clues later on.

I wish you luck on the journey.

Later update. There are NOW links within the posts. Yeah!


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