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Dudded Up

I have an interview coming up on Friday at SL10B. Actually, when I agreed, I thought we would just be talking at my plot -- but no, it is at the auditorium (oh my!).  It is also going to use voice which I am nervous about, not the talking -- the techie part as I don't use it much.

And then there is the script and rendering naggers at the event. It isn't that I am against those, I am happy to fly around hairless at Hair Fair and the like. But when you are supposed to be the main event you do sorta need to look OK.

I knew that I had a choice between older textured clothes or new UNSCRIPTED mesh ones. Since many of my favorites are scripted, my list of options was getting smaller. Lots of putting on and checking script count -- tping over to the event to see if the nagger still hated me etc. Eventually I got completely naked and started out at .01 which I am guessing may be the integrated AO in Firestorm.

I came up with this lovely outfit which includes some new and UNSCRIPTED ( you don't know how happy I was to see that word) jewelry from Eclectica for Genre. The theme is deco which I love. The set is called rhapsody and includes a necklace, ring and matching bangle. You can purchase separately.

I am also wearing a jumpsuit from Hucci that I purchased (it was for a contest but I do love it) and Blossom sandals from lassitude and ennui. Hair can be an issue and so I went with mesh, a new very classy style from Vanity Hair, The Meadow. I currently count at .04 with no scripts (I so don't understand how that works) using the Top Scripts counter of the viewer. And I just got back from 10SLB with no nasty message, so here's hoping.

Now I have to admit that while this is a lovely outfit, it is way fancier than I wanted to be. So I might find something more casual to wear before Friday. But it is always good to have something posh AND low lag in your outfit folder *wink*.

My fitting backdrop is the new barnesworth anubis south beach penthouse skybox available at COLLABOR88.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: Diesel Works (from current gift set)


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