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Hot Spots for the Weekend

These days it is hard to keep up with all that is going on. Now and then I come across things and today is the morn it seems. Checking out a freebies feed that I sometimes appear on and that showed up today in my "most traffic generated by" link at Blogger, I found two shopping events.

First up don't you love how I made vendors that wouldn't rez into art?  LOL

W&Y, hair makers that I visited often when I was young, are closing and all hair is $0. Now there are 103 people in the sim as I type and it will likely crash -- and as I typed that it did.

I amazingly got IN which was kinda exciting. I could eventually see the vendor photos and I (in theory) bought a pack of hair. Its arrival is questionable.

On getting back into the sim, I could see more and did get a few packs of hair. Some I have purchased several times and they are not arriving. But hey, it is the experience. And it is that! We are up to 97 folks again so we'll see how long the server lasts! It didn't. After three times I gave up :D.

LATER:  a reader let me know that she got 39 hairs using the "nextdoor sim camming" trick. I actually tried that before TPing into the sim, but for me there was no sim. In retrospect it was probably during a crash time when the map hadn't caught up. I noted on returning after the crashes there were plenty of people there but the map read "1". Still a great time which led to reminiscences.

Now if you are willing to spend just a bit of money and would rather not fight the lagfest, you can head on over to The Wash where there is a $10 Beach Party cart sale going on. There are plenty of stylish items to be found here. Lots of bikinis and other sun-loving attire. This angelfish hopper is one of three you can pick up as a gift at the Sn@tch booth. Behind me is the Pure booth which has lots of good looking items including a glassy home.

My hair is Kimberly by EMO-tions (new).
Blouse (really a dress) is Flapper by SLX (new). See yesterday's post for more info.

Poses by: the hopper


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