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Cookie Jar Hunt

Alas, new clothing arrivals were in the so don't fit me range, so I will give you a look at some of my picks from the Cookie Jar 2nd Anniversary Hunt. This is a very good hunt and I suggest you do it all. With plenty of great items to be had and the hints and SLURLs on the website, you can finish in a few hours.

These are my top three picks for the hunt. Since I wasn't planning on showing you everything (there are some hunt photos on the blog), I was tough in my criteria.  Aside from being well made and useful, I am showing you low prim items. There are some very pretty gifts in the mix that are fine if you don't care where your prims are going, but I really do.

The very pretty pink tree with built in shadow and leaves (3 prims and no copy) is from The Strawberry Box, your starting point on the hunt.

The rug with pillows and pillow stack with cookies and milk hales from Finishing Touches. While the decor tray set is a little primmy, the rug and pillows come it at 3 prims and include both singles and couples animations.

The BoatHouse (number 11; I'm not sure which shop is in the hunt) Embellished Mannequin is super cute and only 7 prims with all the trimmings.

A personal favorite is the sign set from !WorN? who I was pleased to see is still making fun stuff.  I immediately added one to the sim long road at MOSP.

More coming up soon, but don't wait. Go forth and hunt!


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