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Cobblestone Streets

If you love Victorian England... If you are addicted to mesh... If you appreciate the subtle play of light on well made textures ... you will want to visit Rougham.  It is a gorgeous spot where attention to detail is queen.

Strolling the cobblestone streets had me in Sherlock mode. But in this case it is "Dorian" mode as I am wearing (yep, it is me) a new release from AD Creations, Dorian Gray.

Now I remember that Picture of Dorian Gray movie. I was very young and it may have already been very old, but it impressed itself forever in my memory -- especially the scene when the painting was revealed. At least that's how I recall the plot.

The outfit comes complete with waistcoat, vest and hat. You only need some appropriate footwear to move backwards in time.

I enjoyed my time in Victoria, made a landmark and rushed back to share with you. I am guessing this outfit will one day make it into a movie. It photographs very well!


Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)


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