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That Cabin Thing

Long post time! With so much to show you I am sizing down some of the photos. Click those puppies for a bigger view. You know you want to!

This photo highlights many but not all of the stars of this post. Let's start up top.

A really pretty updo (The Meadow) can be found at Vanity Hair. It comes with hairbase and can move from dressy to casual with ease.

I tried out a new color for me, Hot Tea. I just liked the sound of it and it is lovely. The new hair textures (not really all THAT new by now actually) are super.

I turned on depth of field for this photo and if I take a REALLY big picture and downsize, it looks lovely! Yeah!

Poses by: Diesel Works from the new GIFT at the shop!

This rustic cabin is just out from Trompe Loeil for COLLABOR88. Super cute with great detailing, it includes two "bedrooms" off the main area. You could make those room into other things of course, like a kitchen or whatever.

There are windows along one side and small ones in the two separate rooms. It weighs in at 39 land impact which is quite impressive considering all the fine touches.

With a sloped roof and hardwood floors, it has a homey feel, perfect from some items I had waiting for just such a spot. Shown in the foreground:

-JoHaDeZ- "Rustic Wood Loveseat" and chair as well as the flowers and room divider. These are all part of the Rustic Living Room set which comes with rug and many decor accessories.

The shabby coffee table is from Second Spaces and works perfectly here. I downsized it just a tad.  This was from the Home and Garden Expo and I am not finding it on the Marketplace so contact Elle Kirshner if you missed it at the RFL event.

This very pretty mesh rocker comes packed full of nice animations including one that let's you fish with a finely made pole.

There won't be much fishing going on inside the house, but this would be a great chair for a porch overlooking a pond.

Find the 9 land impact Thonet Rocking chair at DaD Design.  The chair of course DOES rock!

This trolley cart is also from Second Spaces; again from the Home and Garden Expo -- just waiting for a place to land. Love it!

I still have some empty spaces to fill, but these items are a start at one of the smaller rooms.

The cabinet and lamp are part of the Rustic Living Room set from -JoHaDeZ-.  The art is a favorite hunt item (long over) from Wall Candy.

And the Summer Rocking Chair (you can never have to many peacefully moving chairs) is a current hunt gift from [Tia] #11 on the Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt. I actually have a few more items to show you from that hunt, but life has been very very busy.

I said this was a long post, but we are getting to the end. Perfect for the outside space (a little nook of sorts) off the cabin is the Essential Forest Chair and Table set from DaD Design.

And no, I did NOT forget; my outfit is a new release from Senzafine and comes in various colors. There is a hud that let's you switch the color blocking. So in the case of this pattern it would make the gold parts orange and the orange part gold. Leggings are included. Look for the .:SF:. "Sohma" Tank Tunic Outfit.

One more mention and then I am out of here (well metaphorically anyway) -- in case you whizzed by the news about the poses mid post, scan back up. All the poses used here are part of the June gift (for everyone) at Diesel Works. These are some of his nicest work yet. You don't want to miss them! They come packed in a nice pose stand. I always unpack them and categorize *wink*. So the unpacking part is done anyway :D.

And yes, I do know I am floating off the ground; that happens much of the time these days. I SO MISS the height adjustment. Alas, we can't have all the newness it seems without loosing some of the handy oldness.

Go forth, shop and hunt and explore!


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