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Rha! Rha! Rha!

I was thrilled to get DSN goodies from Rha! this morning. And after trying the items on, I was definitely shouting for joy. The box contained all sorts of wonderful things included some great pinstripe slacks perfect for Fall.

But, the star of the show -- for me anyway -- is the dress. Granted, it is a system skirt and "I" at least have major issues with the new viewers and skirts. Still, I have to believe this problem will eventually get fixed. And for those of you not having issue? Hooray!

Linden Lab idiosyncrasies aside, I was simply blown away with the perfection of the details. There is even a small split seam on the back sleeve with embroidery that matches the slit on the skirt. I mean wow!

I spent a very long time trying on accessories with the dress, wanting to do my best to show it to you at ITS best. In the end I opted for a simple rosary bracelet from Kunstkammer, simple pumps from Adam and Eve and some retroesce hair from Truth.

I went over to the Rha! store after pairing the gray slacks with an old favorite sweater (NLA). You can see from my close ups that the precise detailing carries through. While I was perusing the offerings, I noticed that the store had a Bedtime Story Hunt prize somewhere, so of course I went searching. It is so cute. Bright aqua jammies in a variety of layers.

And that's the news from the Rha! store :D

Poses by LAP and Creamy Cooljoke.

Top photos taken at the Retro and Vintage House, a wonderful spot for cool retro furnishing.


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