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BBBC Day 5: Exploring

Today's Blogger Challenge topic was of our choice. I decided to get out of my fashion blogger box and do some exploring.

I have my blogging routine. I check Fashcon, the design feeds, hunts and such. I look over any DSN and preview packs that come my way and I usually have plenty to blog about. It had been awhile since I simply went exploring, and so today I decided that would be the challenge to myself.

After picking up a lovely free necklace (thank you Gabi), I ventured around the new shopping area. It was cute but fairly empty at the moment. From there I did a bit of flying and found a neighboring Oriental district with lots of free items which. The eclectic mix of goodies will most likely end up in a future post. Flying onward, I spied what seemed to be a Pueblo style complex (as in New Mexico USA) and there my adventure really began.

The build included a great number of simple and complex sculpties. The stairs and pillars had soft New Mexico edges; arches mixed with worn wood. After some time, I discovered that this would be a shopping area -- someday. It seemed there was no hurry and that details were more important than any rush to completion. . That was my assumption anyway. The laid back New Mexico vibe may have crept into my virtual bones, who knows. It was fun to imagine the owner working on this lovely build over time, so I accepted that as "my" truth of the moment.

The details are impressive and I suspect the shop when finished will be a fantastic place for home goods. I have it bookmarked, so I'll be watching and I'll let you know.

And here is the choker that started me on the journey of discovery. Pick it up at [P/a] PERTURB/ation In The Green.

It goes perfectly with the Pout dress I blogged yesterday. Sometime serendipity is timely, and sometimes just a bit tardy. This lovely necklace is marked as a two week freebie, but I'm not sure when those two weeks started. I suggest you venture over soon and --- EXPLORE :D

Grocery bag by ::69 (past group gift). Poses by Vago and Tuli.


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