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GuyWear Hunting

June 1 marks a huge (HUGE) influx of grid wide hunts. There are so many, I can't keep track of them. I won't be doing a lot of searching, but from time to time, I'll focus on some goodies that I found when around and about the grid. It certainly won't be difficult discovering places to hunt for prizes -- that's a given.

While I can't give you a thumbs up on any of the many renditions of hunting and gathering out there, I can say that the Make Him Over hunt looks good -- from the press at least. I saw that Moonshine was in the hunt and then I saw the post of what was in that little orange male symbol at the shop. While the tee is very nice and easily a unisex item, I immediately went into lust mode over the tied sweater. So off I went.

The sweater is fun and a great accessory; it resizes easily to fit the gals. And I'm happy to say that the hoodie aspect, so nicely done, doesn't appear to make my butt look big. An extra point for that. My shorts are from SN@TCH and not in the hunt.

Xia is wearing a complete outfit (again unisex) from E! - Eclectic. It is part of the OMG (cupcake) hunt. Many layers and some fun cargo pockets make this a great casual outfit. Add your own tank if you don't like to be showing a lot of skin.

We both have on shoes from DUH!.

E! is also taking part in the Bedtime Treasures hunt. I found the book *wink* but it isn't active yet. I am guessing it will be unisex items as that seems to be typical at E! and a great thing for the guys. Trying to research just when the hunt might start returned no info even from the hunt notecard, but it did get me to the starting point where I picked up this hunter's kit. It comes with a cute hat, but it has floating text so that didn't work for me. The bunny slippers are charming and sized for guys too.

Poses by Diesel Works and Torridwear.


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