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There are lots of hunts going on and possibly because of that the quality of prizes appears to be lacking. I'm not gonna lie about it. The MHOH is definitely one of the best out there -- guy OR gal. That's just my opinion. But even the most disappointing hunts have super stars and I have found a few and blogged a few and will continue to do so because I think they deserve some recognition. OK. Mini rant over *wink*. Positive posts - Positive posts - Positive posts ...

The gorgeous swimsuit shown above is from Vextra Messing Design Inc. It is in beach ball in the Fun in the Sun hunt. Not only is a cute style, the seams match perfectly, the tiny stitching doesn't bleed anywhere and it even comes with red nail polish :D. I have no idea how the designer got this so precise, and honestly I don't want to know. My clothes designing days are over. I'm just going to appreciate the finished product.

And does this give me confidence about shopping at the store. You bet it does!

Bracelets are included. One more plus? This is on the underwear layers so add some white capris and you have a killer casual outfit. Woot, says the gal who seldom swims.

This settee for couples from Copper Suns Designs is perfect for duo types. Since I have no significant other, I moved the male pose ball out of the way for this shot :D. While the "make out" animation (that's it name, I looked) is very smooth, I suspect you could replace it with one of your own if you know how, and like me are single. Don't change that lovely floral fabric though. So pretty!

I spent a lot of time at Copper Suns Designs. The beach ball wasn't hidden that well, but the grand selection of goodies in the store had my eyes wandering out of hunt mode. So stop by and take a look.

I love purses and totes full of "stuff". It adds a touch of reality for me. This colorful summery tote from Frankenlust Holiday Shop is lots of fun. The prize pack also included a pacifier candy dispenser which cute, colorful and appropriate for those of you with toddlers.

White outfit not part of any hunt and no longer available. Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by Pffiou! and LAP.


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