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Photo Props!

If you love taking photos, there is a good chance that you also love props. While I enjoy exploring and finding beautiful builds for my backdrops, sometimes "easy" is the word of the day. Here are some great new to me shops to help you along the way. Fellow bloggers, this one's for you.

First up is a photo hall from La Petite Morte. You can change wall, windows and doors to match your mood and outfit. At only 10 prims it can fit in most anyone's budget and its small footprint will easily fit in many studios -- or even living rooms. I went to both shops included in the DSN sample, but my sleuthing didn't turn up any more info or purchasing places. It may have been one of those not all prims showing up days -- who knows? I have an IM into the designer, so I'll update you. Or contact Voshie Paine for purchasing instructions.

[Edit: A late night note from Voshie said she had just put it up for sale and more are coming. Find them at the SLURL above.]

Need a colorful view? Wine and Roses makes two and three prim windows with the view built in. Windows come in various sizes and colors with a variety of bright Windlight scenes. Made to enhance the vista in closed skyboxes, they also work well as photo shoot additions in your studio.

The bistro set shown here is free from La Flat.

Virtual Props and Poses has some great props as well as full scene set ups. They come with multipose menus and adjustments and are IMPRESSIVE! You can join the group and get a 15% discount. Group join fee is $500. I'm not sure if there are other perks associated with the group.
[Edit: please see comments for more info on the group. :D]

Thanks to
There is a MM board at Virtual Props and Poses that is definitely worth clicking on --- should you be a photo buff of course. It changes from time to time, maybe daily. So stop by when you can. Today's prize is a 12 pose set and prop called Bitch.

Outfits shown in this post blogged previously under Ivalde, and A-Bomb. Just do a search if you missed them.

Top pose by LAP.


When you join the Virtual Props group you also get 5,000L worth of free stuff in the members section and more are added every so often. So for 500L it's a pretty good deal!!

You also have the chance to get other free stuff via "hey guys wanna help me test this", and I also use my members as models, which results in the models getting a copy of whatever they are posing on for free :)

-Mykala, owner of Virtual props
Chic Aeon said…
Great to know. Thank you! Love your work :D Looks like some of use will get that BITCH MM this eve. Gotta love those photographers. Best of success.

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