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Ventura Highway from A-Bomb echoes of a gentler time. Peace and love and all that jazz met flowered skirts, dancing together in some form of girlish abandon. The mid length skirt is casual and freeflowing. The top dips low with optional sculpty ruffles. I really like it! *wink* This new release comes in blue, brown, pink and yellow. The yellow version is on sale this week for $25.

Shoes from Baby Monkey and hair from Shop Seu.

Poses by LAP.

While I was getting ready to shoot this new release, I took a break and perused the feed. When I saw this cute little jacket from Hal*Hina that Achariya had just blogged, I had to get over there. What a fun optional look for this Ventura Highway outfit. Both the bolero jacket and the hair are group gifts. The jacket comes in black also. This is a large shop with many many things to lust over. There are four prize camp chairs and a lucky board that I never found :D Find the gift hair (just this color) in the hair department on a separate sign. The jackets are on a group vendor near the front door.

My earrings and necklace are from the Stone Dreams set from (edited) DarionMonkee Levitt of DM Designs Jewelry.

Not far from the group jacket vendor, you can find these cute white toeless socks. They have a color change ribbon accent. These are a great accessory. Some prim adjustment may be needed, but it worth it.

Poses from LAP.


Anonymous said…
I think that DarionMonkee Levitt might like to get credit for her lovely set! The Stone Dreams necklace is not Dark Mouse, but DM Designs ;-).
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks so much for letting me know. That is such a good reason for designers to put the name of their store in the description. I checked the jewelry and it all comes up as "unknown" and since there is no text in the description field, I made an incorrect assumption. I'd been thinking about this problem a lot of late and I am going to post something on the issue separately. I appreciate you letting me know and giving me a push. Will update the post accordingly.

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