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Give Me and E!

I've always liked E! - Eclectic Accessories. Not on the scene for all that long, but instantly a hit with me simply because the clothes work. Well, there's also the wrinkle thing. Love those wrinkles! The layered tees are a case in point. Each color combo set includes three tanks on all layers in each color combination. My math isn't all that great this early in the morning, but that's a lot of ways to wear. Add the tucked in or left out choices and you have even more ways to express your individuality.

I'm wearing the pink/ purple tank combo with one of the lumberjack shirts from E!. In this example I'm wearing the tanks (both pink and purple on the shirt layer) and the underwear bottom layer. Another choice with different pants would let me show the pink tank bottom hanging below the purple. Ah the possibilities.

Shown with Carnival Pants by Sn@tch.

This Tee Shirt Dress is another of the many layered sets that let you add what you need when you need it. Leggings come separately or with glitch pants incorporated. So, you want leggings, glitch pants AND an ankle tattoo? You can do it. Yeah! Want the long tank but no texture belt? You got it! Major versatility here, and I like that.

Shown with a scarf from the Kate Bosworth Ethnic outfit from Lemania Indigo, bangles from * Pretties by JB * and clogs from Duh!.

Looking for some casual wear? Something unisex? Many items at E! are both and as the name suggests, there is a varied assortment of goodies to peruse, not just clothes. Oh, and the prices? Very reasonable. So, what are you waiting for?

Hair by Calico Creations. Skin by Tuli. Poses by Mela and LAP.


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