Hunt Central - "N"

I just did my version of the Cat Hunt and I'll report on that tomorrow. But I just had to post this tip of the day *wink*. When I arrived at NUSHU, there were a fair amount of people looking around. I started looking for one of the LWTCB prize holders (paw print, ball of yarn or fish bones) and I found a cupcake. Next I found one of the red books. Next I found -- you get the idea.

If in doubt where a current or future hunts may start, you've got a good shot of getting on the train somewhere at NUSHU. I eventually found what I believe are all of the prizes -- for now. Most were stilettos of various colors and trims. And a couple of surprises. I don't want to spoil it for you!

This dress has a secret. It is called "Cheshire" for a reason. Be sure and find it. It will make you smile -- or gasp or who knows?

Two skirt versions and prim choices give you lots of options. Have fun!

Poses by LAP. Hair by Calico Creations. Skin by Tuli (Hope releasing Friday).