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Summer Lounging

=NENASHIGUSA NEST= (Wander the Wind) has a great set of lougewear (AKA undies) in one of the group camp chairs. Now this isn't for everyone of course. Some of you don't like to camp, some have no group slots left. But, for those of you with interest, I can report this as very cute -- but not too cutsie *wink*. There are bloomers, panties, bra and camisole. The bloomers are finished nicely and work without the prims. Lots of layers; so lots of mixing and matching opportunities.

I really liked the look of the shop and so I joined the group. Then after shooting the blue set, I remembered to check the group archives. And guess what? Yesterday there was a group gift out. I'm getting very few group and SOM messages these days for whatever reason, so checking the archives needs to be a priority for me.

The tunic comes with two types of skirts, sculpty and more traditional babydoll flexi. The bra top can be worn as a stand alone too, and there are plenty of layers -- even for the skirts (yeah) , I needed those options in order to wear my jewelry :D

See that cute gray cardigan? It comes with a pink version in the pack and I won it on one of the three lucky boards while camping for the blue loungewear. What a deal.

Pants are all oldies an no longer available. Hair by Exile.

Poses by LAP.

The jewelry I chose for these outfits is from .:: Fabu! Fine Designs ::. and came recently in a DSN sample. The complete set includes necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring and belly ring. You can purchase it in the store, yeah! It is very lovely and fine work. So if you love those teeny tiny prim accents, zip over to the shop and take a look around.


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