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Summer Minis

It's a mini dress day and Benicia is the star -- at least for this first part. She found a great white mini as an opening dollarbie at Amanda's Fashion in Harlow. It is classically simple with smooth shadows and textures that form a perfect backdrop for her Primagine necklace.

I was wearing the newest French Farm gift with a great super short denim skirt. It flounces in an oh so perky manner that is very fetching *wink*. It will be available at the French Farm for the next week. I dug into my newly slimmed down by half inventory and added some cute bangles from Harlot.

Being big on basics in my personal wardrobe, I zipped over to Amanda's and picked up a white mini for myself. It comes in multiple layers so it is very flexible and perfect for showing off all sorts of accessories and jewelry. I'm sure you'll be seeing it again soon. Benicia is wearing another summer dress from Amanda's. Very reasonably priced, it comes with both a harlter back and a tank style top as well as undies.

Prelude has an oh so cute summer outfit complete with sculpty hat. The sculpty prim skirt and belt are both click to resize which make things so much easier for us slightly oversized gals. Yeah! Definitely fun and superbly feminine, if this is your style, stop by and take a closer look.

OK - LOL. Some days it really pays to do your blogger homework. The Prelude outfit above came to me marked as a review. I went over to the shop to learn more and found a ton of really cute looking outfits including some retro styles. I searched but couldn't find the dress I was wearing. Then I found a small white box at the entrance. This dress and hat are FREE! Oh my. A bonus for us all. If you come by, be sure and look at the other dresses as they are extremely stylish.

/me dances away feeling proud of herself for checking things out ......

Poses by Vain and LAP.


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