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New @ WoE

I have a lot of WoE jeans in my closet. Some are my VERY favorite casual attire. Well move over old stuff, you have lost your place in the hierarchy of my wardrobe. You are being replaced by Kloe Jeans.

This color is called midnight and I love it. Rich and layered, with copper undertones -- these are well used pants, ones you've lived in for awhile -- ones with memories. A rip here, a tear there, great stitching and sculpty bottoms to die for; they are simply hard to beat. Kloe Jeans come in both pants and undies layers so they are boot friendly.

This Leah Thin Tank doesn't leave a lot to the imagination and that's OK! The color is gorgeous and it comes in all three layers.

The Kloe jeans above are paired with the Leah Cami Tank - Copper from WoE, Duh! clogs and my Tekeli-li Melange bracelets. I am casual and chic and damn good lookin' *wink*. You don't need a lot of accessories when you have such lovely textures surrounding you.

There are new jeans for the guys too of course, and even a pair of boyfriend jeans that are all the rage these days. These are the closely named Kole jeans. The version for men has suitably loose and scrunched cuffs. The boyfriend version for gals includes a second style of cuffs in the rolled up variety.

Each of these styles are available in 6 colors:


The prim extensions and cuffs include resizing scripts for easy adjustments.

I have on the Leah cami tank in onyx. EE is wearing a new sweater from Bette Noire, purchased with his MHOH gift certificate. He also has some great new eyes from [kusshon] Poetic Colors. They are both free and lovely.

Poses by Torridwear and LAP.


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