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Sugar Mill

While I have been busy today working on a complex post for tomorrow, my buddies have been out having fun. And since they are very good buddies, they took some photos of their adventures and I put them into a collage for you.

The main news is that Sugar Mill has some very nice Michael Jackson memorial poses out at the entrance for free. Benicia said at least one appears to be sized for big guys. While they wandered the store, they won some goodies on the lucky boards and TPed Wonder in when a "W" came up on the male threesome pose. That was fun as you might imagine so they had to try it out. Laughing a lot in the implementation I suspect. LOL.

Other news they picked up while there is that the RFL Rose Hunt seems to be postponed. At least there was a sign stating so. Xia loved the LOVE prop outside on the porch. No one was a match for the fortune teller and while there are several GW hunts going on at Sugar Mill, no finds happened today.

Oh, Wonder was a lucky winner on the new MM board at the NEW location of Phoenix - Firefall. I'm not sure if it will stay a guy thing for awhile. It may have switched so be sure and check that out. The prize of yesterday was the Raven accessories set. Since I have and ADORE the Raveness set, I can tell you that clicking would be a good thing :D

So that's my passed along report for the afternoon. I'm heading back to MY project now. Enjoy!

Poses by Sugar Mill.


Anonymous said…
"Benicia said at least one appears to be sized for big guys."
Au contraire. For tiny guys with short arms. Or for big girls with big butts. If that's what I see.

(The caption says "pedfl" What?!)

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