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Turn to the Right Please

This was actually a part of a post on menswear for gals (and guys too of course) but I rambled. I wanted to feature a new to me hair designer. The hair fair is coming up soon and we will be in hair heaven and lag hell. So it seems appropriate to talk HAIR.

This is Elan from MIRONE and full of life it is! Elan comes in two versions with color change headband. The hair colors range from medium blond to black. No red -- woe is me. The shop is small and the number of designs match the size. Other styles include retro and what I would call "haute" :D. The style I am wearing in brown is a SOM gift. Come on down and check out what the excitement is about.

The skin I am wearing is the new Picks gift from Tuli. It is a version of Hope. Since I have adopted Hope as my current skin of choice, I thought it would be good to have color options. Shown here without eyelashes. I'd like to lie and tell you that was on purpose, but alas -- I lost them again. If someone could event an "are you wearing your lashes" reminder HUD, I would be the first in line.

Back to Tuli. If you are a Tuli group member, you have the natural version of Hope from the group gift or happy mushroom at the Tuli store in Journey. If you are not a member that $250 group fee might be a bit daunting. The picks gift is a great way to really live in a skin for awhile and see what you think. Demos only go so far. I'm sure you know the drill, but -- 1. go to Tuli's store - 2. right click on yourself and choose Profile, then Picks and press the "new" button adding Tuli's store to your picks - 3. Wait a day or so and then go back and click on the picks giver vendor. It is on the easel not far from the big tree. Your gift for June arrives.

This month's gift is Hope in all skin tones with brown brows and a special violet eyeshadow with pink lipstick.

Pose by Kirsty Oherlihy of *KO*.


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